“The origin of our neuromuscular dysfunction is rooted in our movement strategy… segmenting as opposed to whole body movement.”

the wholebody view: The WholeBody view is a hands-on bodywork approach to movement therapy that utilizes gentle invitational movements. These techniques facilitate profound relaxation while releasing deep-seated restrictive bodymind patterns. read more>>

the essence: The essence and foundation of the WholeBody View is that we are naturally designed and brilliantly organized to initiate all movement from our center as a whole body. Anything less than a whole body approach to movement is “segmenting.” read more>>

class experience: Each student will experience the fullness of this unique approach to well being through hands-on bodywork. Each participant in this WholeBody CE class will…read more>>

student testimonials: “This class was truly a fun and unique experience… really informative and enjoyable”, “Eye opening, I can now see myself being able to continue this work for years! This class has given me more tools to do that with!” read more>>

instructor: This simple yet profoundly effective approach was developed by Dan McGovern, a movement therapist with over twenty years of practical experience. His extensive training in the Trager Approach and the Feldenkrais Method has…read more>>