Student Testimonials

“This class was truly a fun and unique experience… really informative and enjoyable”

~Sue, LMT Panama City, Florida

“Eye opening, I can now see myself being able to continue this work for years! This class has given me more tools to do that with!”

~Kevin, LMT Lynn Haven, Florida

“A fascinating journey through the art and science of movement and bodywork!”

~Karen, LMT Coral Springs, Florida

“OMG! I could not walk a step literally when I came in Saturday morning to class. Now I have a skip in my step and no pain at all!

~Michelle, LMT Ft Myers, Florida

“WholeBody View feels like home”

~Jennifer, LMT Naples, Florida

“This class is evolutionary…”

~Kali, LMT Bonita Springs, Florida

“Thought provoking, change inducing, life enhancing and a perspective enhancer”

~Eileen, LMT Ormond Beach, Florida

“This will be life changing for me as well as my clients!”

~Marie, LMT Deland, Florida

“This class taught me that massage work can be easy (or effortless) and be MORE effective – Let me do this again… massage / bodywork can be easy (or effortless) on ME, the practitioner, and be more effective on the client!”

~Peg, LMT Deland, Florida

“Unity, wholeness, interdependence were again brought to awareness through body movement…”

~Ania, LMT Alachua, Florida

“I have a new relationship with my body!”

~Teresa, LMT Micanopy, Florida

“This class was an invigorating and eye opening experience which encouraged presence and growth as a therapist and will change the course and path I thought I was taking.”

~Jessie, LMT Gainesville, Florida

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