Movement and Balance Classes

Parkinsons Movement & Balance Class Description

This class goes to the core of those who are experiencing a diminished sense of balance and movement. During this weekly meeting participants will develop movement routines (exercises) that will help to increase their ranges of motion throughout their body. Increasing range of motion is vital as it directly corresponds to our ability to function more fully and safely. These routines are learned and practiced in various safe and easy positions; sitting, standing, walking and at times laying on the floor. These movement routines are designed to increase our ability while transitioning from sitting to standing to walking and back to sitting. All of these activities relate to almost all that we do and/or would like to do again. All participants work within their safe and comfortable abilities only.

Additionally, we will spend time each week re-learning how to use our body in the way it was designed for optimal function and ease while moving. All of us are able to improve no matter what condition(s) we are experiencing.

Dates and Location (FT Myers Area) Dates and Location (Jupiter Area)
Every Wednesday
10:00 – 11:30 am
2nd & 4th Fridays of every month
1:00 to 2:00 pm
Faith United Methodist Church
(vestibule of church)
15690 McGregor Blvd.
Ft Myers, FL 33908
Jupiter Community Center
200 Military Trail
Jupiter, FL 33458
Contact Information Contact Information
Dan McGovern
Cindy Anderson


About Dan McGovern

Dan McGovern, founder and developer of the WholeBody View, has been practicing movement therapy and bodywork since 1992. Concentrating his private practice with those experiencing; neurological and movement disorders, rehabilitating from trauma and medical procedures, well those engaged in personal growth. Dan has been leading movement & balance classes for a Parkinsons Outreach Program in Ft Myers Florida for the past seven years. Heʼs been successfully leading therapist level training internationally for more than fifteen years. Dan is currently living and working in Southwest Florida.


About Cindy Anderson

Cindy Anderson is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida and a Certified WholeBody View Movement Therapist. Her private practice, in Jupiter, Florida, is primarily focused on neurological disorders, trauma rehabilitation, and helping clients move “naturally” and experience relief from muscle fatigue. Cindy practices with Dr Mark Gocke’s and his MDVIP Practice. Dr. Gocke is an Internist and describes his practice as Whole Body Mind Wellness Center Cindy is also an active volunteer with the National Parkinson’s Foundation, North Palm Beach Chapter conducting movement & balance classes for those living with Parkinsons and their caregivers. Cindy has had great success assisting class members to a fuller more functional lifestyle. She has been in the Wellness profession since 2000. In addition to her private practice, Cindy assists Dan McGovern at WholeBody View continuing education and certification programs throughout the state of Florida.